The Master: Better Every Single Day

“From my standpoint every day is an opportunity for us to get better. I don’t think you just get better in games. I don’t think you just get better in one game… Each day we come in here… and work together to try and improve… Situations will come back up or fundamentals and techniques will occur so that improvement will usually have an opportunity to manifest itself in another situation or similar situation that can be used… You take small steps every day. Those pile up after days, weeks and months together…  We do things better now than we did a few weeks ago. We did them better a few weeks ago than we did them a couple of months ago, which is the way it should be…  I would say not necessarily exciting process, but a necessary one that you just grind out day-by-day and I think eventually when you do that you’ll start getting better results.”

Bill Belichick | 12/19/2016 | Conference Call

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